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How To Approach Someone Effectively? 

Approaching someone is good. But there's this approach-anxiety that kills your confidence top approach.  ​Approach-anxiety isn't uncommon. It's completely normal and everyone has this stupid feeling. It's “hard-wired” into human beings' brains to have the fear of approaching. Funny, right? You'll feel excited to go inside the brutal fighting in the roadside where you've 90% chance… Continue reading How To Approach Someone Effectively? 

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The “Secret” to Irresistible Success!

For most people, as they might tell you, success = hard work + determination + all other behaviors categorized as good by your parents. FALSE. Not completely false, but is it really necessary? Well, the answer is: Yes. Every successful people has, at some point of their time, done some really hard work that made… Continue reading The “Secret” to Irresistible Success!

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How To Make Someone Want Something… BADLY? (Part 1/2)

WARNING: The following things you're going to learn might conflict with your understanding of the world.  *** Besides, this thing might give you superpowers!*** So, use it carefully! It's like handing nuclear weapon in a gunfight. I'm serious. I ain't joking. Use this trick at your own conscience, and whatever you do, do NOT share this… Continue reading How To Make Someone Want Something… BADLY? (Part 1/2)