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How To MAKE Friends (In A Nutshell)?

Human beings are social creatures. All animals are. Every animal - including human beings - has the desire to make friends, to be surrounded by people, and to be supported by other creatures of their species. It's NOT our fault. The desire to earn friends dates back to when civilization didn't even start! Back in… Continue reading How To MAKE Friends (In A Nutshell)?

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How Can YOU Be “Popular”…Easily?

It's my in-born sin that I give equations for social behavior and I can't help it. Seriously. 😛 Popularity = getting noticed + getting acknowledged. I'm not going to tell you what "getting noticed" or "getting acknowledged" means, since you already know about it. In fact, in this post, I'll tell you the quick and… Continue reading How Can YOU Be “Popular”…Easily?

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The “Secret” to Irresistible Success!

For most people, as they might tell you, success = hard work + determination + all other behaviors categorized as good by your parents. FALSE. Not completely false, but is it really necessary? Well, the answer is: Yes. Every successful people has, at some point of their time, done some really hard work that made… Continue reading The “Secret” to Irresistible Success!

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How To Make Someone Want Something… BADLY? (Part 1/2)

WARNING: The following things you're going to learn might conflict with your understanding of the world.  *** Besides, this thing might give you superpowers!*** So, use it carefully! It's like handing nuclear weapon in a gunfight. I'm serious. I ain't joking. Use this trick at your own conscience, and whatever you do, do NOT share this… Continue reading How To Make Someone Want Something… BADLY? (Part 1/2)


The EXTREMELY Accurate Personality Test – Give it a try! 

Hello beautiful humans of this beautiful earth. What's up guys? I'm here with a personality test. (Bit off from my niche, I know. 😜) Answer the following questions, please. (You can take a pen and paper or just do it in your mind.) #1: What's your favorite animal?  Give four qualities (adjectives) to answer why you… Continue reading The EXTREMELY Accurate Personality Test – Give it a try! 

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Warning! You DON’T Need “Approval”

The other day, I was talking with one awesome human for THIS earth. Actually, I was going to a place and he was driving the car. Well, just to keep us "unbored", he opened his mouth and let out some long, long speeches... None of which got inside my mind.  Except this one thing. Actually,… Continue reading Warning! You DON’T Need “Approval”


What Makes HARD-WORK “Fun”? This Is The Answer

Success equals hard work plus determination.  But hard-work is "hard", not easy. But, how do successful people do hard-work? Don't ask me, I don't know. Only successful people knows.  But... I do know how to make hard-work easy. By making it fun. What Makes Hard  Work Fun? In one word: Passion. In more words:If you LOVE your… Continue reading What Makes HARD-WORK “Fun”? This Is The Answer

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2 “Realistic” Ways To Deal With Your Parents

I might come off as quite harsh, on that part of "annoying parents", but to be honest... almost each and every person in this damn world has at least once in his/her freaking lifetime regarded his/her parents as "annoying".  Come to think of it, that's not YOUR fault to smack your parents with the "annoying"… Continue reading 2 “Realistic” Ways To Deal With Your Parents


The key to overcoming negativity and turning it into an inspirational positive story.

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Inspiration ways to have the will to change a bad situation into a positive outcome.

Based on my personal experience and wisdom I learned through life.

In life, you get down. You get weak. You feel like giving up. Especially when something does not go your way. In life, you cannot be weak. In life, let your negative point be your strongest point. I am stubborn even though I won’t really admit it lol. In all seriousness, I use it to my advantage. The stubbornness is where I get the discipline. The will to turn negative into positive. Everyone has the will and it does not have to be stubbornness it can be anything you want it to be to keep you going. It can be family, friends, love one, sports, work, people that keep you going. Anything to help keep your head up.

 When I go through something…

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