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The Color Personality Test – An “Accurate” Quiz

Every human being's personality decides his choices. You might disagree to this, but, let me clear the air: Your brain makes choices and your choices make your personality. Therefore, in a way or the other, your favorite color can tell a lot about you. Till now, you could have only wondered. But thanks to THIS great quiz...… Continue reading The Color Personality Test – An “Accurate” Quiz


Going Off For Few Days – It’s Exam Time! 

Just a little note, guys! I'm going offline just for few weeks (or maybe just a few days!). Exam is right next Saturday, and guess what, it's the half-yearly!  I gotta concentrate on my studies, because, to be honest, none of my subjects are complete! 😅 So, anyway, I'll try my best to keep you… Continue reading Going Off For Few Days – It’s Exam Time! 


How To Stay “Energetic”? (ft. Lee Harsh) 

Yesterday, I was talking with my friend Lee. We're discussing tips on how to be energetic most of the time.  Here in this post, I write what I learnt form him.  Lee Harsh is a Wushu martial artist, State Coaching Champ, District Sanda Champion plus Toulu gold medalist & State Level Front-Ranking Player, and he is also… Continue reading How To Stay “Energetic”? (ft. Lee Harsh) 


How To Overcome “Laziness” (In Just One Minute)?

Google describes laziness as "the quality of being unwilling to work or use energy". At some point of our life, we have experienced the feeling of laziness. We want to just sleep, or rest and not do any damn thing. That's how it is. All of us puts ourselves a goal or a challenge at… Continue reading How To Overcome “Laziness” (In Just One Minute)?

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How Can YOU “Be” Attractive – Read This Equation!

Okay, before we get started, let me just tell you frankly. If you look attractive, then you are atrractive.But, if you do NOT look attractive, it doesn't mean you are not attractive.  Everyone is attractive to a certain level, but those who have the thinking that they’re falling short on the attractiveness level, this post is written for them. ;)… Continue reading How Can YOU “Be” Attractive – Read This Equation!


How To MAKE Friends (In A Nutshell)?

Human beings are social creatures. All animals are. Every animal - including human beings - has the desire to make friends, to be surrounded by people, and to be supported by other creatures of their species. It's NOT our fault. The desire to earn friends dates back to when civilization didn't even start! Back in… Continue reading How To MAKE Friends (In A Nutshell)?

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How Can YOU Be “Popular”…Easily?

It's my in-born sin that I give equations for social behavior and I can't help it. Seriously. 😛 Popularity = getting noticed + getting acknowledged. I'm not going to tell you what "getting noticed" or "getting acknowledged" means, since you already know about it. In fact, in this post, I'll tell you the quick and… Continue reading How Can YOU Be “Popular”…Easily?

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The “Secret” to Irresistible Success!

For most people, as they might tell you, success = hard work + determination + all other behaviors categorized as good by your parents. FALSE. Not completely false, but is it really necessary? Well, the answer is: Yes. Every successful people has, at some point of their time, done some really hard work that made… Continue reading The “Secret” to Irresistible Success!