About Me

I’m Jeeshan. I was an “average” student (hated that!), now I’m: a blogger, a student, the popular guy, the cutie pie, Mr. Flirt, the funniest dude, quiz-maker, writer and the online superstar (loving it!).

I love to write.

I’m a ninth grader (this changes every year, mind you) who is more into writing, than the other kids. So, you can guess that’s why I started to blog. šŸ˜›

Why Did I Start Blogging?


As I already mentioned, I love to write. Besides, this earth is filled with many humans who want to be outstanding. They want to be exceptional. They want to beĀ unique.

I teach themĀ how to beĀ outstanding, uniqueĀ andĀ exceptional.Ā That’s what I do.

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