How To Attract, Impress or Influence Someone “Instantly”?

aYou can NOT make anyone like you, instantly. You’d need a cloning device.

However, it isn’t impossible. You can make someone attracted to you. You can make some certain group of people to like you with the trick I’m about to reveal to you.

The group of people on whom this trick will not work:

  • Those who don’t talk with you
  • With those you don’t talk
  • Those who doesn’t have patience
  • Those who are extremely hyper


Besides them, with this trick every single human will start to feel comfortable around you and will start to like you.

The trick: Mirroring.

It is an NLP technique for building rapport quickly. NLP means Neuro-Linguistic Programming. In this trick, you mirror or copy all the minute actions of the other person.

For example:

  • The other person is checking the time. You do the same.
  • The other person is scratching their nose. You scratch your nose, too.
  • The OP (other person) sits down. You sit down too.
  • Try to mirror the OP’s breathe rate.

Warning: Don’t make it obvious. The trick will backfire and you’d make the other person hate you.

How does it work:

When you mirror the actions of the person sitting next to you or talking with you, you channel attraction and interest to that person. As a result of which, the OP feels a rapport with you. They feel a connection with you. Hence, they start to like you.


If you want someone to like you without doing anything with them, just be attractive.

Or if you want a “powerful” technique… read this: The “Unethical” Attraction Technique That YOU Can Use Today!.

A Stupid End Note:

I’m gonna release a YouTube music video in the coming days. Please be ready!

Email me for anything!


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