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How To Approach Someone Effectively? 

Approaching someone is good. But there’s this approach-anxiety that kills your confidence top approach. 

Approach-anxiety isn’t uncommon. It’s completely normal and everyone has this stupid feeling. It’s “hard-wired” into human beings’ brains to have the fear of approaching.

Funny, right? You’ll feel excited to go inside the brutal fighting in the roadside where you’ve 90% chance of getting beaten up, but you’ll feel dead when you try aporoaching someone, where you’ve 50% chance of getting rejected.

But don’t worry, I’ve got some steps for you!

Step #1: Increase Confidence Level

If you’re insecure or not confident, chances are you might be experiencing approach-anxiety.

  • Next time you feel this stupid little anxiety entering your brain, just imagine yourself turning into a statue made up of diamond. Give the diamond an attractive color. Imagine your size increasing and with the increase in each inch, imagine your confidence increasing.

Step #2: The 3-Second Rule

If you see someone, approach him/her under three seconds.

  • After three seconds, your brain starts to come up with non-existant excuses and confidence-shattering questions and situations like: “What if he/she rejects me?” “What’ll happen if I can’t make it?” “OMG, he/she’s so out if my league!” “He/she might’ve a girlfriend/boyfriend” and sometimes, “He/she’s a loser… I can’t waste my time on them.”

Step #3: The Final Approach

Now approach them. Just do it. You won’t get kidnapped to another planet. No, you’ll not die. No, you’ll NOT become a loser. Don’t worry, just do it!

  • Go over to the person and ask this: “Hey, I just had a question, mind if I ask?” Keep a bright and non-awkward smile on your face. They may agree or reject, but don’t take it personally.
  • If they agree, ask, “What’s the best way to start the day, according to you?” And proceed the conversation.
  • If they disagree, smile and say, “Ah, okay!”

That’s all folks!


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