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The “Unethical” Attraction Technique That YOU Can Use Today!

I know a super trick to attract someone, anyone!

Some of you, readers, might know this “secret” trick, but most of you wouldn’t know.

Why? Simple. It’s a secret trick, kept hidden from the common people. (Because it’s really, really powerful – if used properly).

From the last few years, more people have started to come to know about this trick, and trust me, it really works wonders!

Warning: Use the technique at your own conscience. My job is to provide you with the information, you’re responsible if anything else happens to you — like getting a stalker, or an obsessed person.

(Haha, a little over-the-top?)


Here’s is the trick…

  • The Push-Pull Technique

How To Use:

Suppose there’s this friend of yours whom you’re attracted to. You want her to fall in love with you.

You might’ve started talking with her, and you might have built a rapport and showed her that you’re an interesting dude…

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Now, do the trick. Be respectful towards her and act as if you’re attracted to her. (Only pretend that you’re attracted).

Quickly, act as if you don’t give a damn about her.

Act as if you’re attracted to her, then act as if you’re repulsed by her, repeat!

Be sweet to her at one moment, be rude to her at the other moment, and repeat it.

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In short, the basic blueprint for attracting is:

  1. Be soft. [Positive]
  2. Be rude. [Negative]
  3. Be sweet. [Positive]
  4. Be harsh. [Negative]
  5. Act being attracted. [Positive]
  6. Act being repulsed. [Negative]
  7. Repeat.

In short show some “needy” feelings, then quickly flip your personality by being “bithy”.

And then she’ll be attracted to you!

How Does It Work:

It creates a feeling in her mind, which makes her think that, “He’s so sweet, but then again, he’s so rude. I don’t know… Does he like me? Is he attracted?”

It gives her both the “good” feelings and the “bad” feelings, which creates extremely irresistible rapport and makes her fall for you. It makes YOU unpredictable. And she falls!

Note: Girls, all YOU have to do is… Just act little sweet to the guy, and he will fall for you. Simple.

Bottom Line: You pay for what happens after you use this trick properly! (I’m serious).


23 thoughts on “The “Unethical” Attraction Technique That YOU Can Use Today!”

  1. Making a girl fall is so easy ,show your efforts and never give up. Its basically confusing the person is it .first positive always then negative.but don’t she get turned off if u act rude?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. You’re a girl, so you’d know it better. You get approached by hundreds of guys. All are the same. Everyone licks your feet. But if that is different than the rest (because he is rude and sweet and then again rude and sweet), won’t you be attracted to him? You will!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Um, right. But there are not many fields in psychology… Especially in Assam. But, after getting a job, I can continue blogging and I can take a course on psychology.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. The problem is, guys are easily manipulated. When you “pull” him, he’ll fall for you. Same applies for girls with low self-esteem. But when you “pull” a perfect 10, he/she’d be repulsed. When “push” after “pulling”, magic happens!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Definitely guys can fall very easy. Be nice to a guy, because I’m not an asshole and he thinks I’m sweet and innocent. Flick him on the nose and be rather rude to him, for acting like a creep and he thinks I’m strong and independent.

        Liked by 1 person

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