How To Stay “Energetic”? (ft. Lee Harsh) 

Yesterday, I was talking with my friend Lee. We’re discussing tips on how to be energetic most of the time. 

Here in this post, I write what I learnt form him. 

Lee Harsh is a Wushu martial artist, State Coaching Champ, District Sanda Champion plus Toulu gold medalist & State Level Front-Ranking Player, and he is also a gymnast and a free-runner. 

So, you’d get the idea how much fit and energetic this dude is!

According to him, “the one who is mentally strong, is the winner.

How To Stay Energetic:

#1: Avoid Junk Foods. 

He, at an important note, advised to avoid junk food. It makes the body lazy and you know, laziness isn’t a good conductor of energyness!

#2: Take A Run. 

Running improves your beating of the heart and it increases the blood flow to your brain, which boosts your energy. 

Lee advised to take a run. So, good luck. 

#3: Be Strong in Mind. 

He said that. Not me. But, take it from me, if you THINK you’re a loser, then you’ll BE a loser. 


If you’re a winner according to your point of view, then you are a winner. 

Because, let’s face it: everybody lives in their own world. And those who believe that THEIR world is the REAL world, they’re the ones who achieve success! 

Additional Tips:

  • Don’t give up. 
  • You’re the boss. 
  • Be determined at whatever you do. 

That’s all, folks! Thank you, Lee! 


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