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How Can YOU Be “Popular”…Easily?

It’s my in-born sin that I give equations for social behavior and I can’t help it. Seriously. 😛

Popularity = getting noticed + getting acknowledged.

I’m not going to tell you what “getting noticed” or “getting acknowledged” means, since you already know about it. In fact, in this post, I’ll tell you the quick and easy shortcuts to get noticed and acknowledged.

For Getting Noticed:

Getting noticed means, well, getting noticed. When people sees you as worthy of their attention, it’s called getting noticed.

#1: Get Taller

Yeah, as much as you might hate it, it’s true. It’s easier for a tall person to get noticed, than a short one. If you’re already tall, then congrats! Otherwise, put your shoes and start running.

(Note: It isn’t necessary to get tall, though.)

#2: Become Sharp

It’s all about looks (mostly). Wear sharper colors, tight jeans, leather jackets, combat boots and voila — you become awesome!

#3: ENJOY!

You heard it right: enjoy. If you don’t enjoy, then you go unnoticed.

For Getting Acknowledged:

Here’s how you can get attention after qualifying…

#1 and the only one: Become Interesting and Less Boring.

Here is how you can do it: How Can YOU Be More Interesting?

That’s all folks for you to get interesting! Good luck. 🙂

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