Personality, Self-Esteem

Warning! You DON’T Need “Approval”

The other day, I was talking with one awesome human for THIS earth. Actually, I was going to a place and he was driving the car. Well, just to keep us “unbored”, he opened his mouth and let out some long, long speeches… None of which got inside my mind. 

Except this one thing. Actually, what he said was correct. We shouldn’t do anything simply for “approval”. 

Why You Need NO


As a matter of fact, if we do just for “approval”, we WILL get approval. But we’ll lack in ourselves. 

But… if we do it for our own.. Just because of moral, philosophical or just cuz-I-think-that’s-fun reason, we’ll get two things:

  • Self satisfaction 
  • Approval 

Getting approval is a secondary objective. Getting self satisfaction is the primary objective.

There, at the end of the day, don’t do anything for approval.. Do whatever you do BECAUSE YOU WANT TO.



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