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2 “Realistic” Ways To Deal With Your Parents

I might come off as quite harsh, on that part of “annoying parents”, but to be honest… almost each and every person in this damn world has at least once in his/her freaking lifetime regarded his/her parents as “annoying”. 

Come to think of it, that’s not YOUR fault to smack your parents with the “annoying” tag. It’s your emotional and mental evolution (yeah, puberty, etc. etc. 😜), which results and this type of behaviour.

The mean reason behind this: your parents rule over you and you want to be control-free.

But, why does your parents try to keep you in control and orders strict rules upon you?

The answer is summed up in two categories…

  • For YOUR safe future
  • For THEIR reputation

As much as teens might disagree (and yeah, I’m gonna lose some followers for this), that’s true. Your parents do wish for your safe and secured future.

And, as much as parents might disagree (yeah again, decrease in followers 😛 ), they want to keep their reputation. They do care about their reputation, and YOU are the source of their constant rep change. Yeah, you might say. I can deal with that.

So, dealing with that needs a lot of effort. Don’t worry, your savior (that’s me) is here.

Two Ways To Deal With Them…

#1: Change Your Point of View & Agree

You are invited for a party. You’re excited. You’ve planned how you will dress, when you will go, how you will look. Heck, you’ve even thought of how much you’ll DRINK (um, soft drinks, I mean). You go and tell your parents. They refuse. That does sucks. Your friends might tag you as “unsociable”, “boring”, [insert], etc. Your reputation is at stake.

And the bad thing is: your parents won’t move from their decision. No means no, because:

  • You might be harmed, hence unsafe future
  • Other people might lower your parents (more on that), hence reputation thing

Now, how do you deal with that? Simple. Change how you look at it.

You’re invited to a party. Oh damn it, you’re life is more fun. The party, well, you’ll let your “granted” parents to decide. Oh, your parents said a straight “no”. Cool, you’re gonna post some pics on FB, read this fucking blog, hang out with your buddies. Nothing serious.

That’s the “exact” attitude of awesome humans. (If you’re an alien, SHOO! Get away from my blog.)

#2: Make A Drama Out of It

Yeah, sarcasm included.

NEWS: Your favorite sociopath blog has opened a Facebook account. Do send the guy a friend request.. you know, he’s an attention whore.

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19 thoughts on “2 “Realistic” Ways To Deal With Your Parents”

    1. Yeah, except for the second point. “Care about their reputation”, most parents might disagree, but, you know, truth is bitter.
      Yeah, fb account. My DP sucks though. Will change it later. 😛

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