2 “Powerful” & Insane Ways To Motivate YOURSELF

I’ve been off for more than a week, because I had exams. I apologize for that. Now, I’m back with another of my “witty” yet strong post… and this time to keep yourself motivated.

In life, people can easily lose their hand on most of the things they do. And, it’s completely normal to behave in that way. After all, we are humans. And humans are like that.

But, to look at successful people, they didn’t lose hope. Now, the question is: how do they keep themselves motivated?

Ans: After a couple of research, the conclusion goes thus:  (Warning: Read everything, or you might not “get” it.)

The Two Powerful Tricks To Keep Yourself Motivated…

#1: You, you and you… not I

Confused, right? Let me explain. If you’re trying to motivate yourself… when you feel low, you say: “I can do it”. But, that doesn’t help much. Try saying, “You can do it,” to yourself… and see the magic work.

#2: Delete the negative thoughts

Your brain pops in you all the negative possibilities that might happen. And trust me, your brain is awesome at pessimism. What if you meet failure? Yeah, right. Failure is always an option, but it’s also the part of the story.

Think of all the things that might go wrong. Make all the negative possibilities. Now, imagine a big box. Put all the negative thoughts inside the box and lock the box. Throw away the key and try opening the box. Imagine it won’t open.

All the negativity will go away… try visiting some positive vibes.

Hope it helped. 🙂


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