WARNING: These 4 Common Things Might “Destroy” You!

WARNING: What I’m gonna tell you now might save your life, or make you unsubscribe to my blog.

There are few things that everybody does, but nobody cares to think that whether they are right or wrong doing that. And thus, your body suffers. All done by YOU, and the end result: all suffered by your body. (Ridiculous here.)

Let’s not bore. Here are few things that might be subtly deteriorating your health.

#1: Drinking water standing up

Haven’t you ever drank water standing up? If you haven’t, then you’re safe. Did you know that drinking water while standing can do… THIS:

When we stand up & drink water, it flows with a great volume down the food canal & splashes on to the lower stomach wall. The splash actually damages the stomach wall & the nearby organs. Over a long term, it even disturbs the overall digestive system . It has been found that our kidneys filter better while sitting. Water intake while standing passes the water with a push without much filtration. It causes the impurities to gather in blood or bladder leading to damage of kidneys. In fact , drinking water while standing doesn’t even quench your thirst as it doesn’t settle in the liver to let it distribute nutrients to several parts of the body. It just comes down with force & speed & causes harm to the drinker. Drinking water while standing also disturbs the bodily balance of other fluids . It affects the joints & cause deficiency of nutrients in joints leading to arthritis.

So, no drinking water while standing, unless you want to destroy your kidney. 😛

#2: Drinking after meal

That’s what 99.99% of the people do, and I doubt if the other 0.01% of the entire population does otherwise. But, did you know that drinking water after meal can ACTUALLY increase your chances of heart risks?

We can’t stop doing this, but we can minimize the risk by drinking a glass of water just before the meal.

#3: Over sleeping

Ah, who doesn’t like to sleep for extra 5 minutes? Its so cozy, so warm and the sleep is so relaxing. But, can you have the more of a good thing? Answer: No.

Over sleeping can cause:

  1. Headaches
  2. Diabetes
  3. Obesity
  4. Back pain
  5. Depression
  6. Heart disease.. AND
  7. DEATH! (Yeah, research-proved!)

And if you get a little philosophical, you’d get that, with each loss of 5 minutes per day, you’d loose almost 2000 freaking hours (or 83 days) from your life!

#4: Sleeping more comfortably

I banned sleeping. Now I’m banning you from sleeping comfortably.

Sleeping in more comfortable positions like: belly down, hands on head, etc. — can erode your bones, in less quantity. In the long run, you might get weak bones.

That’s all. Remember I said either you’d be saved, or my blog would get a less follower? Go on. Share this, if you liked. Unsubscribe, if you hated. 😛



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