Inner Game, Self-Esteem

The “Secret” for Ultimate Confidence 

In the last post, How To Get Immense Confidence, I taught you three ways to get “immense” confidence. I also promised to feed you with some more ideas to be more confident.

Here’s how I kept my promise:

Whether it’s just introducing yourself to that cute girl, or speaking on the stage, the technique that I’m going to teach you will give so much confidence, that you’d be surprised at YOURSELF!

WARNING: The technique also has side effects. You’d be overwhelmed with too much confidence, and would get negative results.

What I’ll tell you now is like a suicide nuclear bomb. So, use with caution.

Here we go… 

Every time you yearn for confidence, close your eyes. Take a deep breath, and slowly exhale. Imagine leaving all the inconfident feeling from your body, with each breath. Now, imagine yourself growing taller and taller with each breath. You’re becoming to size of a skyscraper. You see all the buildings, humans, animals, cars, rivers, in miniature size. Now you’re turning into solid metal. Two planes comes towards you, but they crashes even before they reach you. Imagine yourself radiating power and energy.

Now, do this two or three times, if it doesn’t work on the first strike. You’ll be surprised.

Go on, serious stuff over there. So, use it at your own risk. 


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