Wanna Improve Yourself? Here Are 3 Little Steps That’ll Make You Better

Being the better version of yourself simply means that “not being the old self.” Yes, here in The Skill Hub we do teach to be the “best” version of yourself, but this post is dedicated to developing your better self.

If you want to be better, it’s summed up in three steps:

  • Find your bad and good qualities
  • Erase the bad
  • Increasing the good

Now, let’s get a little broader.

#1: Finding your qualities

Qualities are of two types: good and bad. (Yeah, as if you didn’t already know!) If you want to find those qualities, then pay attention and do little brainstorming. Write all the qualities – good or bad – down on a small journal or a diary.

#2: Erasing the negatives

If you curse, try stopping to curse. If you procrastinate, get up, get ready, and start doing. If you don’t have courage, get your sh*t and be brave. If you… and you get the idea.

Listen. It needs time to change a habit. Give it “at least” 45 days.

#3: Increasing positive qualities

You see someone with an awesome quality… just don’t stop there. Try to install that quality in yourself.

If you do the SAME thing, always, you’ll get the SAME results, always.

With these, I conclude. I wish you a best of luck on your journey towards self-improvement! Good luck. 


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