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3 “Ridiculously” EASY Ways To Keep Yourself Insanely Calm (Even Under Heavy Pressure)

We all break down under pressure, either by letting out anger or pouring down tears.

While it may be good for your health to let out anger and tears (yeah I know what I’m saying), showing frustration and anger isn’t “cool” at all. The other person might get a negative sense about you, and you might be viewed as someone you wouldn’t like.

Here are three “ridiculously” easy ways to calm yourself when you’re angry. Thus goes the list:

#1: Count from 10 to 1

Although many other articles varies with this, counting backwards from 10 to 1 actually helps me a lot (personally)! When you count, your pressure level reduces and you feel a calming effect on yourself.

#2: Third person view

Imagine yourself getting angry and letting out your frustration from a third person view. You’ll feel ridiculous. Now, do this every time you’re on the verge to emotionally break down.

Your anger level would decrease even faster than you could think!

#3: The Dragon Method

You’re feeling to cry or feeling anger. Take a deep breath. Slowly exhale and imagine you’re exhaling fire. Your frustration is leaving your body with each breathe. You’re feeling more relaxed and relaxed. Imagine the fire decreasing, gradually. This is what I, myself, call the Dragon Method.

Your anger decreases gradually with each fire exhaled.

Do this when you have an emotional breakout.

#4: Humor (I know I said 3, but whatever 😀 !)

Whenever you feel as if you’re gonna emotionally breakdown, smile and laugh at yourself. It helps, at least for me!

That’s all folks! Try doing at least one of these, and you’d feel grateful you stumbled upon this blog. 😛



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