4 Steps To Be Liked By (almost) “Everyone”?

Liking and being liked are two different things, but of the same family.

How to be liked by everyone? Asking me? I’d give you a stupid answer and you’d hate it.

Answer: Be likeable.

Yeah, I warned you. Anyway, it is easier said than done. But don’t worry, I’m going to teach you how to be “likeable”, and hence liked by everyone.

Here are the steps:

#1: Ask for a favor.

Yeah, when you ask someone to do you a favor, he or she subconsciously agrees that “you are likeable“. Although, don’t get too hard over there: ask for little favors, then go to huge ones.

#2: Complement behind their back.

What most of us (including me) do is that we “insult” behind other’s back. But, what we should do is, we should “complement” behind other’s back.

When you complement about someone when they are not present, the one who is listening sticks the complement with you.

Let’s say: You and I were talking about a third person named, John. I say, “You know, John is really awesome. He can [insert some awesome activity].” Now, your subconscious will use the complement to me. It’ll think: Jeeshan is really awesome, he knows that John can [insert]. Got that?

#3: Be self-less, not selfish… ALWAYS!

97% of the human population in the world are, so to say, selfish. They don’t have time for anyone, except themselves (and few extremely closed ones). In such cases, when one receives a little help (which is quite rare), that person’s brain feels obliged to return the help. The brain returns the help by liking the person.

So, be selfless every time you get a chance to be. You can help that lady cross the road, pick up the books for someone, help someone choose a dress… and the list goes on. This will not only make the “one who was helped” to like you, but those who have seen you helping will also like AND respect you.

Although, when you help someone, don’t expect any return. Always do something to add to this damn world. Everyone will be inspired by you.

#4: Hate no one.

I don’t think this one needs any explanation. 😛

That’s all folks. Do comment, share, and like this post. Hope I helped.




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