How To Get “Immense” Confidence… Instantly?

Let’s explore confidence…

Confidence is a feeling that allows you to do anything you want, according to my definition. If YOU are confident, then you are unstoppable. Hence, confidence = being unstoppable.

But… how do you get that most wanted confidence? There are many ways like, anchoring, boosting, etc. but as for now, I’ll discuss about “thinking”.


When do you get nervous? Answer: when you start thinking. Yeah, when you start questioning yourself, anxiety builds up.

Now, let us just say that, you’re on the stage. There are 10,000 people in front of you who are there to listen to you. They’re either gonna feel “Ew, how stupid!“, or “OMG, that guy rocks!“. Or, if they don’t listen, they wouldn’t feel anything… about you. You’re excited to let your thoughts flow… but at the moment, one thought pops in your head: What if I screw up? SPOILER ALERT: You are going to screw up, but no one is going to notice.

Thus starts the popping-up of questions to question your self-esteem. This sucks.

But, how do you get rid of that?

  • Stop thinking for 20 seconds
  • Start being positive
  • Think everyone as 5 year olds

Now, if you stop thinking for at least 20 seconds… Let’s go back to the stage. You’re holding the mike, and you stopped thinking for twenty seconds and started speaking. In those twenty seconds, you’d get that far where you’d start to feel amazing.

If you start being positive, then negativity will lose.

And if you think of everyone as 5 year olds, then you would not care if you screw up or not… and hence you’ll not screw up.

Important point: When you don’t care if you screw up or not, 99% chances are: you wouldn’t.

So, I guess, that’s all folks. Try the tips out. More on the next issue. 🙂

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