Welcome To The Skill Hub

The Skill Hub is a blog that will teach you (almost) every skill you need to survive this apocalyptic world! 😛

Hi, I am Jeeshan and I’m the author of The Skill Hub. (Find more about me on my About Me page). I’m going to post all that you need to be f*cking awesome. (Whoops!)

Here in this world, you basically need three things:

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Personality

Lack in any one of the three will cause you trouble. Trust me, I’ve been through that.

Health, you can manage it by workouts, balanced diet, etc. Wealth can be gained if you study hard and have at least one source of income. And now we are left with the last one: that’s personality.

Your parents have sure taught you all these “goody” stuff, I bet. But what I am going to teach… it is of some another level.

Get ready, ’cause your life’s gonna turn upside down from now.

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